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Media is a truly contemporary subject which is relevant to all our pupils’ lives. The different forms of media permeate everything we do in the developed world, in the 21st Century. Giving pupils the tools to analyse and critique the media gives them the chance to understand the ways in which the different forms of media pervade their lives. 

Media Studies is taught to mixed ability Tutor Groups in years 8 and 9, one lesson a fortnight as an introduction. It is offered at KS4 as a GCSE option and is extremely popular. 

At Castle Donington College, we start with a holistic approach, where we explore the roots of media and communication and the relationships between media and the pupil’s daily interactions with media technology. We explore basic communication and the four key theoretical areas of Media Studies: media language, media industries, media audience and media representation. We help pupils to see connections, to develop their way of thinking and to decode messages within conventional and new media. 

GCSE provides students with the opportunity to prove that they are able to communicate ideas about themselves and their world and understand a high standard or written and verbal language. The focus is on effective communication using media and the analysis of media texts. Our final goal is to create high-achieving young people who have the skills to communicate effectively and who have a wide knowledge of the world. They will have the academic skills needed to decode and understand the impact of media in the modern world and the practical research skills necessary for higher and life-long learning.