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Our Team


Senior Leadership Team
  • Mrs V. Beeby (Principal)
  • Mr N. Barratt (Vice Principal)
  • Mr P. Daly (Assistant Principal: Pastoral)
  • Mr M. Elks (Assistant Principal: Curriculum)
  • Mrs S. Fidler (Assistant Principal: Inclusion)
  • Mrs E. Ashurst (Operations Manager)
  • Mr E. Nelson (Associate Senior Leader: Personal Development & Careers)
  • Mr M. Hicken (Associate Senior Leader: Personal Development & Careers)
Heads of Year
  • Mr E. Nelson (Head of Year 7)
  • Mr J. Canavan (Head of Year 8)
  • Mrs S. Danes (Head of Year 9)
  • Mr N. Brown (Head of Year 10)
  • Mr D. Purkiss (Head of Year 11)
Heads of Department
  • Mr S. Blood (Head of Design)
  • Mr A. Delaney (Head of PE)
  • Mrs K. Eaton (Head of English)
  • Miss S. Hayes (Head of Languages)
  • Mr M. Hicken (Head of Humanities)
  • Mr S. Saunders (Head of Mathematics)
  • Mrs J. Walmsley (Head of Science)
  • Mr P. Williams (Head of Computing)
Other key staff
  • Mr P. Figg (Premises Manager)
  • Miss A. Fincham (Pastoral Manager)
  • Mrs R. Kaur (Attendance Officer)
  • Mr C. Marshall (Pastoral Manager)
  • Mrs Y. Radley (Reading Co-ordinator & Librarian)
  • Mrs D. Shatford (Office Manager & Examinations Manager)
  • Mr J. Walters (IT Manager)
  • Mrs K. Williams (Pastoral Manager)