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At Castle Donington College, the Physical Education curriculum enables pupils to develop interests in a wide range of sports. The activities cater for different needs of the pupils built upon preferences arisen from pupil voice. Pupils are taught to understand the skills that are learnt in PE and sport can be transferred to other subjects, contexts and the wider world. Through both the PE core curriculum and extra-curricular activities, pupils are encouraged to develop an interest in sport and physical activity, to encourage lifelong participation and healthy lifestyles. In line with this, our outcomes will therefore not only be measures of attainment and progress but also participation and attitude towards our subject.

The KS3 PE Curriculum mirrors the ambition of the national curriculum closely and allows pupils to develop skills in a variety of invasion, net games, striking, fielding, and individual activities. Throughout Years 7 and 8, pupils are introduced to and are given the opportunity to develop skills in isolation and game play, as well as tactics and the ability to evaluate performance. During Year 9, or for our more able, pupils are expected to secure techniques and enhance tactical concepts.

Practical skills are underpinned by achieving a ‘Personal Best` to develop life skills of confidence, competence, motivation and resilience through participation in sport. Key skills are transferrable to other aspects of College life and aim to increase future employability. 

Pupils in all years are encouraged to take on a variety of roles within sport such as leadership and umpiring in order to develop a more holistic and tactical understanding of the activities. Pupils must be able to perform skills in isolation and within a competitive sporting environment. 

At KS4, we offer GCSE PE, which enables pupils to develop their practice in a number of their strongest sports whilst also delving further into the supporting theoretical knowledge and understanding of sport and physical activity. As a result of our efforts at KS3, many pupils opt for and are suitably prepared to study GCSE PE. 

Pupils receive five lessons of PE each fortnight. PE is taught to all pupils in all years in mixed ability, mixed gender groups. Lessons and complementing resources are differentiated to support, stretch and challenge all pupils. Pupils follow discreet units, which focus on a particular sport with key skills running throughout. 

Opportunities for team games and practical experience are maximised in KS3, theory is taught through verbal instruction and demonstration as part of the practical lesson. Participation in extra-curricular sport is highly valued and the College offers a wide range of activities in a seasonal programme.