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Remote Learning

Remote Learning refers to the use of technology and online resources to deliver educational content and facilitate pupil engagement outside of the traditional classroom setting.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure consistency, equity, and quality in remote learning practices.

It aims to provide clear expectations for pupils, teachers, and parents regarding their roles and responsibilities during the period of remote learning.

All teachers have a responsibility to provide Remote Learning resources for pupils who are legitimately unable to attend school.

Access to Technology

Schools and parents/carers should make every effort to ensure that all pupils have access to suitable technology devices and reliable internet connectivity.

Where access to suitable technology is not possible, the College will aim to collaborate with local authorities, charities, and other organisations to provide support to pupils who may lack the necessary technology

Curriculum Delivery

The College will design a remote learning curriculum that best aligns with the “in school” curriculum and associated end points. There may be exceptions to this, where it simply is not possible due to the nature of the subject. Examples of this might include Music, Design and Technology, Physical Education and Food, Nutrition and Preparation. Where this is an issue, the College will ensure that there is a suitable alternative for remote learning provision.

The College will look to use a variety of digital tools, platforms, and resources to deliver engaging lessons/tasks.

The College will, where possible, provide a clear schedule and expectations for pupils regarding when and how they should engage with the remote learning materials.

Communication and Support

The College will be utilising MS Teams as a platform for the delivery of Remote Learning resources. To help this to work smoothly, we must establish effective communication channels between teachers, pupils, and parents must be established.

Setting individual lessons and resources in response to pupil absence is an unsustainable task and one that creates additional workload on teachers and Middle Leaders. MS Teams will allow pupils to be directed towards the Remote Learning resource bank available to them, once they are assigned to the appropriate team:

Key Stage 3 Remote Learning

Key Stage 4 Remote Learning

This will allow pupils to self-regulate and continue learning in individual subjects without the need for teachers to repeatedly set tasks. However, it may be necessary, or desired, for the College to set specific activities from time to time. These will be set using SatchelOne.

Professional Development

When changes to the remote learning provision are required, the College will provide training and support for staff to develop their skills. This may include offering opportunities for collaboration and sharing of best practice among educators.

Review and Evaluation

The College will regularly review and evaluate the effectiveness of remote learning practices.

To do this we will seek feedback from pupils, parents, teachers, and Leaders to identify areas for improvement. It may be necessary to adjust the procedures based on the feedback received.

Suitability of Remote Learning provision should be part of continual Quality Assurance programme and therefore under continual review.


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