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The Science curriculum at Castle Donington College, provides students with a broad and balanced understanding of scientific concepts, theories, and principles across the major disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics. It builds progressively upon a student’s prior knowledge and helps them to develop a deep understanding of key scientific ideas.

Science topics have been mapped to ensure a logical and coherent progression of scientific concepts and skills across all years. Appropriate assessment methods are included, which assess both knowledge and skills. Meaningful feedback is given to students, helping them to understand their progress and identify areas for improvement. Our curriculum builds upon prior knowledge and allows for consolidation of learning.

The curriculum fosters students’ scientific enquiry skills, including the ability to ask questions, conduct experiments, analyse data, and draw valid conclusions. It promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and the application of scientific methods.

There is an emphasis on practical skills development, including proficiency in using scientific apparatus, conducting experiments safely, and accurately recording and interpreting data. It also provides opportunities for hands-on learning and practical investigations to reinforce theoretical concepts.

Our curriculum enhances students’ scientific literacy, enabling them to access, interpret, and critically evaluate scientific information and evidence. It also develops the ability of pupils to communicate scientific ideas effectively, both orally and in written form.

The curriculum connects scientific concepts to real-world contexts, applications, and contemporary issues. It helps students to appreciate the relevance of science in their daily lives, understand the ethical implications of scientific advancements, and develop an awareness of the impact of science on society and the environment.

The curriculum is inclusive and caters to the diverse needs and abilities of all students. Appropriate strategies support and challenge learners of different levels, ensuring that all students can access and make progress in science. Our curriculum aims to engage and inspire students’ curiosity and interest in science and enables students to develop a strong foundation for further study or future careers in science.