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At Castle Donington College, we believe that the study of Sociology should be the first step in a life-long quest for critical thought; developing skills to challenge the status quo. Whichever path pupils ultimately take, their knowledge of Sociology will provide the grounding for becoming positive and active members of their community and society.

We intend that learning Sociology, encourages pupils to become curious about the world in which they live, the groups they belong to and the influences which impact upon their lives. Pupils should become analytical and question social phenomenon they are familiar with; to consider the impartiality of the media, the role of education and the social construction of criminality. Pupils will explore the causes of social problems and increase their political literacy. Pupils will be able to make positive contributions to society; they will be equipped with the skills needed to find solutions to social issues and see the world with empathy. Our Sociology curriculum is designed so that pupils begin to understand society and question assumptions about how everyone in society is impacted by external factors as well as individual action and behaviour.

Sociology is taught in KS4 as a GCSE option subject. Groups are mixed ability and taught by a subject specialist.